WP Instant Page Load

If you are building a website and are looking for certain remarkable transformation, you have come to the right place. Introducing the most recent plugin, “WP Instant page Load” for WordPress and WooCommerce. It is designed with ReactJS, the most popular Javascript library. As a result, this plugin is simple to use, risk-free, and remarkably smooth. React helps search engines evaluate your website and improves your online SEO. Customers typically want quick loading times and fast website page speed since these factors will make a website more popular than its competitors. This plugin supports WooCommerce, Memberpress, EDD, and other platforms.


Features of WP Instant Page Load

Works Like React

React is undoutedtly a popular library which plays a significant role in any professional workflow. The automated coding standard was utilized to create this plugin, which will help your website run more smoothly than ever.Furthermore, when you use this plugin you don’t have to think about unwanted errors and others complexity.

Stop Front-end page loading

As it is already mentioned, “WP Instant page Load” will no longer load your websites. The instant view of the page will draw more attention to the visitors more than any other website As a result, your websites’ traffic will increase as more people visit them. Your company’s growth will be aided in this way.

Super fast page speed

A better user experience will be guaranteed by quick website speed. Your websites will benefit more from it. Website performance will be higher than ever before. Visitors will stay on your websites longer than usual.

No backend page loading

The backend of a website has more options than the front end and requires more data to load. Installing this plugin on your website will put an end to your pain. Say goodbye to loading from your backend.

No loading on Post, page and updating

You will gain the advantages when generating any posts, pages, or modifying any settings, not just in the front-end or backend, It will operate smoothly and effectively.